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What I Do

I ‘m a passionate, creative and innovative designer with an attention to detail. An excellent hands-on team player in collaborating, supporting, and leading design at all levels. I love to create, from napkin sketch to the final design. I acquired a Bachelor of Science in Transportation Design from Art Center College of Design in 2010.


Who I Am

Some Thoughts: Originally from Toronto, Canada. Growing up I was always interested in design, cars, and hockey. I have a deep appreciation for aesthetics and how things work. I tend to notice the nuances of details in everyday objects. I like to get out of the city to see the stars. I find a good spirit-forward cocktail can soothe the spirit. I like my exercise music to have thump to it. I find vintage cars have a certain comforting smell. I sweat the details. I work hard.


My Work

A small sample of selected work from earlier projects.


Had some fun creating and editing these videos.

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